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Your business grows and you need to buy UPC codes.

If you are offering new products online or in your retail store and therefore need UPC barcodes (or EAN codes), there are a some questions you may need to ask yourself before taking the next step and purchase upc codes or ean codes:


  • Where is the best place to buy UPC codes?
  • Are there any hidden costs or recurring fees?
  • You‘ve found a cheap provider without recurring fees on ebay, are you sure if the codes are GS1 compliant? What if the offered codes are simply fake codes generated using computer algorithms?
  • You want to start selling immediately. How long does it take to receive the codes?
  • You need to print barcodes on the product box. How to generate barcode images from UPC codes or EAN codes?

This list can be surely extended with other questions. However the more the questions the more the time it takes to answer to find a reliable provider of barcodes. But time is equal to money - especially if you are starting a business. That‘s why we will make it easy for you:


  • We provide cheap UPC codes (also cheap EAN codes). Our prices are affordable - especially for small businesses. Another advantage of choosing EAN-UPC-CODES.COM is when you buy UPC codes and we will deliver you UPC and EAN codes together. - No need to figure out if you‘ll need buy UPC codes or EAN codes.
  • One time payment - no hidden costs, no recurring fees. You simply pay what you see, no surprises
  • We provide GS1 compliant UPC and EAN codes.
  • We have an automated system. Your purchase will be immediately processed and you will receive you codes instantly to your e-mail address.
  • You have already invested time to find a reliable UPC codes provider and we are sure you want to return working on your core business. Therefore we enclose a zip file to the e-mail you‘ll receive from us upon buying UPC codes. This zip file contains barcode images of the codes you‘ve purchased in PNG and EPS format. EPS is a vector image format, that means you can enlarge it without comprising quality. Your designer will love it!


Why choose us?
  • Genuine GS1 compliant UPC and EAN codes
  • Pay once, use forever. Our codes never expire - no hidden costs, no recurring fees
  • Instant delivery - Our system is fully automated
  • Delivery includes PNG and EPS barcode images
  • Small business friendly prices - Our offer is optimized for small businesses, our prices too!
  • Our UPC / EAN codes are originally issued by UCC / GS1-US
  • Receive both UPC and EAN codes at no extra cost
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If you are in need of upc codes (or mostly known as upc barcodes) we can provide you reliable and affordable codes in most cases. But there are some areas our codes simply won‘t work. To save you from a headache, here are what we can not do for you:


  • Our codes won‘t work with pharmaceutical products
  • We can not register a company prefix - only GS1 can do this
  • Amazon updated their company policies and they have started a barcode ownership verification process. Currently, Amazon is using GS1’s GEPIR database for verification. We have contacted Amazon to let them know that the database they are using is not current and does not reflect correct ownership information for all of the barcode numbers GS1 has listed, but as per an email from them, they have no plans to change their process. Therefore, you have no choice but to obtain barcodes from GS1 if you want to list your products on Amazon currently.
  • If your retailer does require a GS1 Certificate, then you must purchase your UPC/EAN codes directly from GS1.
  • There are some retail chains who insist on having product identification codes registered by GS1. According to our knowledge Kroger’s, Walmart/Sam’s Club, JC Penney’s and Macy’s need a certificate from GS1. Walgreen’s, Lowes and Home Depot may have additional requirements depending on buyer and region. It is in your best interest to take a look at your major retailers Vendor Compliance Documents.

Apart of these, our codes will mostly work for you, here are some of the companies where our customers listed their products with our codes in:


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Visit our How to buy UPC codes page to see a guide about buying UPC barcodes on EAN-UPC-CODES.COM


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Updated on October 17th 2018