Internet has changed many things. One of them is how we make business. Online selling has made all the geographical boundaries obsolete. Doesn’t matter where you are, if you can provide more value to the customers, people will choose you. Even though the geographical boundaries are now obsolete, there are still some entry barriers that tackle all the new and small businesses. Need of UPC or EAN code for selling online is one of these. And this is the exact point where we see our mission. Our aim is to help new or small businesses to enter into selling online without having to pay a small fortune for UPC or EAN codes. We try to lower the entry barriers for everybody trying to make a living online. All our UPC and EAN codes share therefore the same qualities:

  • legitimate and never used
  • originally issued by the Uniform Code Council, currently known as GS1 prior to August 28, 2002
  • once bought, they are yours forever, that means: No Annual Fees, No Hidden Charges – barcodes never expire
  • compatible to use with most merchants including eBay, iTunes and many other stores and marketplaces
  • Delivered instantly with EPS and PNG barcode images

Our codes are not highly suitable just for new and small businesses; many big online retailers also enjoy our affordable prices and reliable service to lower their overheads. As known by online sellers, buying a barcode number (also known as barcodes, UPC codes, EAN codes, UPC-A, UPC-12) was a very costly investment for many years. Every new online business owner that started a couple of years ago, has faced the harsh truth of paying high fees just for being able to put their products online, not even mentioning recurring fees. EAN-UPC-CODES.COM fights against recurring fees and high investments in UPC and EAN codes. We help online sellers not to face this neck-breaking experience. Buy UPC codes on EAN-UPC-CODES.COM.

Our codes are suitable for the most of the cases except for selling books or pharmaceuticals. Please be advised that only GS1 can provide company prefixes. If you are selling to a company who needs company prefixes, you have to buy your codes from GS1. But for the most of the cases you will not need a company prefix. And this is exactly where we can help you – to get affordable and reliable codes with instant delivery and an above-and-beyond service.

If you have any questions or hesitations, just email us to: We would be very happy to assist.