Is your business slowing down or do you simply feel as if you could be doing more with your brand and your products? Or perhaps you are just getting started as a product vendor. Whatever your reason, selling on Amazon is a smart step for any vendor, aspiring or established. But to start doing business on Amazon, you need several essentials —an account, a product, and, in many cases, amazon UPCs.

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UPC Barcode -

What is a UPC?

A UPC, or Universal Product Code, is a unique 12-digit number that identifies a product and the vendor of that product. The 12-digit code typically appears on a product underneath the barcode, which is the machine-readable version of the numeric code.

EAN Barcode -

What is an EAN?

An EAN, or European Article Number (also called an International Article Number), is a 13-digit barcoding method largely used outside of North America. Any machines that can read EAN labels can also read UPC labels and as of 2005, all bar code systems in Canada and the U.S. must be able to read EAN bar codes.



It may be hyperbolic to say that “EVERYONE uses Amazon”, that statement is closer to the truth than you might think. In 2008, its total sales were $19.2 billion. By 2012, that amount had risen to $61.1 billion. Within the United States, Amazon has 50 fulfillment centers. Outside of the U.S., it has operations in 12 other markets, and serves an additional 29 markets through its partnerships with other retailers.
As of March 2015, 175 million users visited Amazon per month. For those not currently selling on Amazon, the site represents an enormous untapped potential customer pool.
In other words, selling your merchandise through Amazon is the best way to reach both domestic and international customers, grow your brand, and turn a profit quickly.


To sell on Amazon, you sign up with one of two selling plans, register, and create your account. Then you either start listing products that already have product pages (for which you do not need UPCs, as they already have them) or create new product pages. (Learn more about selling with Amazon)



The sooner you get set up, the quicker you can start making money. It’s as simple as that.


You need UPCs when a product that you want to list and sell does not already have a product page. Creating new product pages requires the seller to use a product identifier, which is usually a UPC, but can also be an EAN or ISBN. If you do not in put a UPC or other identifier, you will receive an error message.


UPCs and EANs are given out by GS1, a non-profit group that sets standards for international commerce. Businesses pay to join GS1, which then assigns each member their own identification number that makes up the first part of the UPC. Each product requires its own UPC code, even if the only differentiation is size.
The initial cost of registering with GS1 can range between $250 and $10,500 and annual renewal fees can cost between $50 and $2,100. That can be a lot for a small business to handle, especially those that sell a large number of unique products, as the fees for GS1 membership are based on capacity. Then you have to actually figure out how to use the codes, which can be an enormous hassle, taking up valuable time.

But there is an easier way.


Businesses of all sizes have been turning to EAN-UPC-CODES.COM for their UPC and EAN needs. Why? Because they make obtaining Amazon UPCs and EANs faster, easier, and cheaper.


Instead of paying a large sum of money to register with GS1, as well as their annual renewal fees, you pay a much lower one-time amount and in exchange, we give you a set number of EANs or UPCs that are registered with the UCC (former GS1-US) (no fakes here!) and that have never been used. We provide immediate delivery with .png and .eps barcode images and that’s it—you have the UPCs and EANs that you require without enduring the headache and expense of dealing with GS1. We offer many different packages, which range from $15 for 10 EAN/UPCs all the way to $75 for 250 codes AND we provide excellent customer support, in case there are any issues or if you have trouble figuring out what to do after receiving your barcodes. Once you have your codes, you can use them for selling products on Amazon, Pandora, iTunes, and any other internet marketplaces.

We realize that going from spending potentially thousands of dollars with GS1 to under $100 with EAN-UPC-CODES.COM sounds a little too good to be true. Indeed, it is quite a step down in terms of price.

Unlike most retailers, we do not buy our product (EAN/UPCs) from GS1. All of the codes we own are registered with UCC – former GS1-US, thus exempting us from having to pay any upfront or renewal fees. Most other retailers pass this cost to you by making you pay more. The bigger they are, the more fees they have to pay – and the more you have to pay. If you want the most out of your money, choosing us would a wise decision.

It’s just that easy.

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