Buying UPC or EAN codes on EAN-UPC-CODES.COM is a fairly easy process. There are two ways to buy on our website.

  1. Fastlane
    Simply add the needed amount of codes into your basket by clicking on of the “Buy now” buttons on our website.This will lead you to the Shopping cart. In the shopping cart you can see how many upc codes you are going to buy and the total cost of this purchase. You can adjust the quantity to your needs. Please press on UPDATE CART if you have changed the quantity. If you have a discount code you can simply enter it in the respective input area and click on APPLY COUPON. This will apply the discount amount and recalculate the Grand Total. If you don’t need to add any other amount of codes you can proceed to the payment. Simply click on the “Check Out with PayPal” button.After clicking you will be brought to the PayPal page. On this page you can see the amount of your purchase. Enter your Paypal credentials and click on “Login”. After logging into your Paypal account, the amount of your purchase will be listed a second time. Simply click on Pay to pay for the purchase.

    After your payment is processed by Paypal you will be redirected to EAN-UPC-CODES.COM. Please do not close your browser windows at this stage. After we get your payment confirmation from PayPal, we instantly prepare your purchased codes. Depending on the amount of the codes you’ve obtained, this process can take up to 5 minutes. Don’t worry about your order if you’ve waited longer than expected. Your UPC /EAN codes will right in your Inbox even before the PayPal confirmation mail.

  2. Regular way
    Even though there is technically no difference for you to create an account on our website we encourage all our customers to create one. We send monthly newsletters with discount codes, interesting news and facts around global e-commerce. We are sure you’ll love it. For purchasing on our website the regular way, simply add needed amount of codes in to your Shopping Cart by clicking on one of the respective “Buy now” buttons one the homepage.You will be redirected to your Shopping Cart. Simply click on the button “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” to get to the checkout page.On this page you can login if you already have an account or you can create an account. On the top right corner you can see the amount of your purchase. Please enter your details in the input boxes on the left side of the page. Don’t forget to click on the checkbox “Create an account for later use”. If you have a Discount Code you can click on the plus sign to open the input box and enter your coupon code. Press on “APPLY” to have it applied on the sum of your purchase. We currently offer only PayPal as payment method. If your detaıls are correct and you are ready to pay simply click on the checkbox next to “Sign Up for Newsletter”. Though this is not neeeded for you to be able to purchase we highly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter since we always try hard to provide you with value with each of our monthly newsletters. For proceeding to the payment page (PayPal in this case) simply click on the “PLACE ORDER NOW” button.


    Our system will check your entered information and redirect you to PayPal. On the PayPal page you will be asked to login to your PayPal account firstly. After entering your credentials and logging in to PayPal your purchase will be listed and you will be asked to pay. Simply click on “Pay Now” button to finish your purchase. After this step paypal will process your payment and redirect you to our Thank You page. Don’t worry if it takes a couple of minutes to be redirected to EAN-UPC-CODES.COM. Since we instantly issue your codes, our systems will be processing your order as you are waiting our page to open. You will receive your codes before your confirmation mail arrives into your inbox.

You don’t have a PayPal account?
Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account you can also instantly create an account and pay with your credit card. Simply click on “Create Account” and create your account. You will be able to add your credit card and pay with it without any further consideration.

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