If you are selling on Amazon in any kind of way, you need Amazon UPCs. I’m not talking about selling as an Amazon affiliate; I’m talking about being a retailer or a distributor or even manufacturer that has products on Amazon. Amazon requires UPC codes. If you’re going to be selling in any kind of way, they require you to use a UPC code on each and every item you sell on their platform. This means printing out some sort of bar code on all the packaging of your merchandise.

Why does Amazon require this? If you look at it from Amazon’s perspective, it makes all the sense in the world. The last thing that Amazon wants is to have a very confusing stocking system. This is exactly what is going to happen if Amazon comes up with its own numbering system which is very different from the numbering system the rest of the United States uses. The US uses the UPC code system. The last thing that Amazon wants is for other retailers to use one number for a particular product and for Amazon to use a different number. This leads to stocking issues. There would be a lot of confusion between distributors and manufacturers, a products manufacturers and distributors and Amazon as well as outside retails.



This also impacts how websites list the product. Amazon may be listing a certain product as available, but it turns out it is not available because Amazon is using its own numbering system while a product with that particular UPC is actually out of stock. The bottom line is, the biggest danger to this orderly product code or product-numbering system is consumer confusion.

As you probably would know, if you are selling anything online when consumers get confused, they can be relied on to doing one thing and one thing alone: refuse to make a decision. That is exactly the last thing that Amazon wants its visitors to do. It wants all visitors to have all the information that they need to make a reasoned buying decision. In other words, Amazon wants people to gain a sense of assurance regarding the products that they are comparing and considering on the Amazon platform.

Once they have this level of assurance, it makes it all that much easier for people to pull the trigger and make that buying decision. It is not going to happen if Amazon uses one product numbering system and the rest of America uses another. This is why Amazon requires a UPC code if you are going to be selling in any shape, manner or form on Amazon besides being an affiliate.

If you are going to sell on Amazon, you need a UPC code

So what does it mean to sell on Amazon? Well, it could mean you may be selling through the program Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Your product can also be sold through the associated seller program. In short, you are just using Amazon as your front end, but the back end fulfillment is done in your warehouse. Alternatively, you can be selling to Amazon and then Amazon, in turn, is selling your products. Whatever the arrangement is, switching to a UPC code system ensures greater sales. Why? There is less of a chance of product confusion. This tends to reinforce a better product identity.

If your target consumers can quickly and readily find your products, then they are more likely to buy your product. Why? They can make product comparisons. They can use all sorts of online resources to come up with better prices or look for a specific set of features. A UPC code system also benefits Amazon tremendously if they’re reselling your product. A uniform product numbering code leads to a better product tracking. This, in turn, leads to a more efficient warehousing system for Amazon. This can even lead to Amazon selling your products at a lower price than you would normally sell it for. Why? They can pass on the savings that they enjoy through their more efficient warehousing system to the end user.

Why use a UPC code for your Amazon business?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code; it is a 12-digit barcode. You have to understand that UPC code does not apply to the entire the world. Not all countries use the UPC system. In fact, the UPC code system is used primarily in the United States. If you have an Amazon business and you are sure that their target market will be focused only in the United States, then you need UPC. It makes it all that much easier for your products to remain on Amazon; it also helps Amazon do a better job selling your products.

UPC does the job

In terms of the UPC code’s intrinsic qualities, it is more than able to handle all the product numbering requirements of global manufacturers looking to sell in the United States. Whether they choose to sell through the Amazon platform or through other retailers or sell on their own within the United States, UPC is good enough. Why? It has enough numbers. It uses a robust enough numbering system. And most importantly, it is universally recognized within the United States.

Put all these factors together and you need a UPC code for your Amazon business. Indeed, it is not an option. It is crucial to your success. The sooner you buy a UPC code for each and every product that you produce or distribute, the better off you would be if you sell in the United States whether it’s on Amazon platform or not.

Keep in mind that UPC code pricing can be a serious issue. It’s not much of an issue if you only have a few products with a few attributes. It can be quite expensive overall, however, if you have a huge product line with many different attributes. This is why it is a good idea to identify a cheap source of UPC codes early on. You just don’t know how quickly your company’s need for unique product numbers would shape up in the near future.